Thursday, August 25, 2011


Last week sometime, the good padre spoke during his homily about gleaning and I haven't been able to get it out of my mind. In my next little book coming out after the first of the year from Our Sunday Visitor, I have a paragraph about the famous artwork, "The Gleaners". As I have processed Fr.'s words and my own, I have come to realize the importance of gleaning in this world. As parents, we do some sort of gleaning most every day (picking up the leftovers). For example, I tend to think that parents get the food that is left after each of their children have taken their plates. But it's not just all about food. It's about the great parts of life in general. We'd be crazy to think that we want our kids to have anything but the best that is available and we'd be glad to settle for a little less to give it to them. However, another important point was made about gleaning. Fr. stated that he hoped that every Catholic Business College offered a course on gleaning. His point was on the importance of leaving enough behind with each business venture so that everyone has an equal chance to a life filled with opportunities to work and to food and to clean air and water and all the necessities of the world. Not just leaving behind so others can pick up the leftover scraps and survive, but leaving a fair share so that all mankind can have a good life. Some day, maybe some day, those who are wealthier or more powerful can take just enough and leave just enough so that all may prosper. As we plow through this life picking up the first batch that lies in our path, may we consciously leave enough for those who come behind us.

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  1. Cool thoughts! I wonder how I can make leaving extras for the gleaners as a part of my daily life. I like that picture too. My g-parents have a puzzle made from that artwork that we do almost every year at Christmas. I wonder how Christmas can be celebrated equally for the gleaners and for everyone else.