Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wrestling with Life, Holding on to God

Life is filled with challenges that we all have to encounter from time to time. Life is filled with joys as well as sorrows and through it all, if we cling to God, we work through to a place where we are sure that He is all we need.
In the reading from Genesis today, we hear that Jacob wrestles through the night and holds on to the One he has encountered face to face until God grants him a blessing. He holds on. In the Gospel reading paired with this we see the people coming to Jesus in their sickness and their brokenness and in His compassion, He comforts and He cures. They hold on to Him. "The harvest is abundant" as is the need in this world for us to comfort and for us to be aware of all in need, of all who wrestle with every facet of life. "The laborers are few" and those who are aware of the loving, saving power of the One we will some day meet face to face are needed. We wrestle and we hold on and we are called to bring others, to teach, to comfort and to care. As we all limp through this life, may we bring others a little closer to Him, to the One who is our all.

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