Friday, July 22, 2011

"Called the Doctor and the Doctor said..."

I took three of my children for their physicals yesterday and I have to say, "What a pleasure." The entire time my daughters were fulfilling requests, the physician assistant was discussing about what to expect during these times in their lives and how to react to them. She would ask, "Do you have a cell phone or a facebook or twitter account?" "No ma'am." Smile for mom. "Well, when you do, always use the Church test when texting or sending any message to a friend or acquaintance. If what you want to say cannot be put on a large screen in the front of the congregation at church, do not send it." "Are your parents always in your business?" "Yes ma'am." "They do that because they care about and love you. Know that if you are ever at a friend's house and something is going on that makes you feel uncomfortable, you can call your parents and they will come and pick you up no questions asked. Do you wear a helmet when you ride a bike? How do you cross the street?" "Ummm. Look both ways?" "Of course, great." "You may worry that your actual weight is more than that of your friends but that's because muscle weighs more and you are quite strong." Smiles. My girls have starting running together and walking to stay in shape this summer, despite the heat. And the conversation went on and on. Positive talk about positive choices. How fortunate I am to have these pediatricians and their assistants and their nurses who love my children and know how they are being raised and who want to keep us all on the same page and confirm our choices. I realized yesterday that we have been together 23 years and I cannot say there has been anything but joy except for one incident with a shot and my youngest. Amazing group. As I told them yesterday, we are blessed.
When we were young, we too had the same doc the entire time, Dr. Daugherty, and the same nurse, Ms. Barnes. I had my tonsils out in his office. Those were the days. He seemed to be on the same page with my mom back then too. Nothing like a good physician.

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  1. How wonderful! I love that advice about the Church test!