Thursday, June 16, 2011

They Said It, We Heard It, Simple is Best

If you happened upon the readings this morning, you already know where I'm going and if you didn't, I'll fill you in. I repeat how St. Paul began by saying, "Please put up with me." As I hear it today, spreading the simple message of the love of Christ and praying the simple prayers, such as the Our Father, are all He asks of us today. We can use all the big words and sit and try to think of huge ways to pray and to praise and to worship, but for today, Jesus says to keep it simple. Do not babble. Do not over think. Do not super size. Do not look for others to follow that you think will lead you down the right path. Follow Jesus. Pray the prayer to the Father. Be open to the Holy Spirit. This path seems too simple. This way is less traveled maybe because it is so simple, it is just hard to believe, too good to be true. But it is all confirmed today. No difficult words. No heavy reading and rereading. Spread His word with simplicity and humility and pray the prayers we need for our daily bread, for forgiveness, for guidance and for protection. Simple is best.


  1. This post is "Simply the Best"! Those words of St. Paul struck me this morning too, "please put up with me"....says so much.

    Thank you & God bless