Thursday, June 9, 2011

Let's Put a Name to the Face

I need to start asking for names. I'm pretty good about it when someone asks me to pray for them. I like to make a personal request if I can remember. Sometimes I ask and then forget when speaking to the Man upstairs but I still feel that since I asked He can fish it from my memory. After all, He is God. I like putting a name to a face. I met many of the phone salespeople last week at the Religious Book Trade Exhibit who send me constant email blasts at work about new releases and new product. Now, every time I receive a notice, I can picture Lauren and Rose and Julie and Mike and Amy and so on. The face God put me in touch with just makes the messaging a little more personal. So, why in the world do I forget to ask the names of the street guys I meet? Is it easier if I don't make our encounter personal? And why did God put this thought into my head today? Don't get me wrong, I know Roy and William and Kenny and Byrd but it's because someone else has taken the time to ask their name and understand their story. The only street person I can think of who I ever asked her name was Tina and I believe that is because she was obviously a girl and I guess I thought it safe to actually know her. God knows each of us by name and cares for us personally. I think I'm going to start trying to remember to put a name with the face. This will help me remember them and remember to pray for them. Last weekend, I had a street guy walk through the lot while I was unpacking my car and at first I acted like I didn't hear him. He wanted money for food. Well, don't they all. I usually get food for them so they will really eat but instead I called him back and gave him money from my pocket. He said, "Ma'am, you'll get this back." "No, it won't and it's okay." "Yes ma'am. God will bless you for helping me. You will receive a special blessing in some way. I know you will." Then, poof. He was gone and I haven't seen him since. I liked what he said to me. Can't get it off my mind. What was his name? What was his story? If I had done as others around me, I would have asked. Maybe, we all should take a little more time to know one another. You know, put a name to a face. Pray for one another personally. Know the one with whom we do business. Give someone the opportunity to tell us about themselves. Maybe, they'll make our day.

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  1. That is such a cool story! It must have been angel. Your sincere love for the poor and homeless is such an inspiration. I shared this with my husband who sees the very aggressive, very disturbed homeless everyday at his work where he has to keep them away. He was severely repremanded one time for giving on of them a pat on the back and treating him like a human. PLease keep him in your prayers

    P.S. your comment about sending me 22 years worth of pictures made me laugh out loud.