Friday, June 10, 2011

Kindness Amongst the Crazies

Yesterday, my 15 year old, 9 year old and I went to the Driver License Center for a Learner's Permit. May I just say ha ha ha! Three hours later. When we went at 11, the line was out the door and down the sidewalk. We went home and ate lunch and at 2 the line was just outside the door so we ventured forth. An old couple stood with us who merely wanted to have their pictures on their licenses for traveling purposes. The woman warned us that the last time she did this she waited 3 hours, and she was right on the nose. But, here's what I believe (maybe) was passed on to us during 3 hours of pure, possible TV drama. There are many people here who do not know that they cannot get a license without proof of U.S. citizenship. Women who get cut in line by scary men can stand their ground, speak nicely and get their place back without brawling. When the sign reads "please do not use cell phones" it means do not use them no matter how angry you are and how much help you need. Everyone waits, make the most of it and talk to your neighbor. Don't yell out in a crowd and make the people behind the counter angry; they just work slower. Be prepared. Get online and have the proper paperwork and if you don't have access to that, call and ask but don't scream at the person just doing their job if you don't come to the facility with your original birth certificate. Patience, kindness, self-control, equality, politeness and a darn good attitude going in can get anyone a driving permit, a picture on your existing license, an address change or a new license in 3 hours no problem. This poor facility was so under-staffed, it just made us wonder how these workers come back day after day and take the verbal abuse and general flack from people who really need their service. There is a lot to learn about others out there in the real world and to wonder about the state of our government. It can be scary at times but after yesterday, we know, kind is what kind does and how kind acts. Be kind to others. Btw-He passed. Third driver on the way!

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