Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Enter Through the Narrow Gate

"How narrow and constricted the road that leads to life. And those who find it are few." I have been trying lately to pay close attention to short, hidden paths and small openings to where Christ is leading me. Tiny voices, obscure people, chance meetings, narrow paths. And today, a lesson from the life and words of St. Aloysius Gonzaga. Talk about choosing the narrow gate when he had in front of him the massive gates of a kingdom. Hmmm. Kingdom on earth. Kingdom in Heaven. Hmmm. Riches of this world. Poverty of spirit. Hmmm. Serving in a castle. Serving in a hospital. Man oh man did this guy choose the road less traveled but his quote from St. Bernard (about the apparition of the angel sent to the shepherds at the nativity of Christ) says all about his choices. "How many of the powerful and of the wise men of the world were resting in their soft beds at that hour, and none of them was esteemed worthy to see this new light, to know that great joy and to hear the angels singing!" His choice to detach himself from the riches of this world frees him to see the light, to know the joy and to hear the voices sent down from heaven.
I know, personally, that I this whole idea is nearly impossible for me. I like the big doors and lots of attention and easy paths. There are tugs and pulls and I know He wants more but for me it seems I move two steps forward and three steps back daily. Lately, I'm just treating each day as a new beginning. A new possibility. A fresh start. Today I will think of St. Bernard's words and of St. Aloysius' ways and I will pray to make the right choices, to say the right things, to follow the narrow way. May every day bring each one of us a new beginning and a fresh possibility to see new light, to know great joy and to hear the angels sing.

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