Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Communion Service

Our priests are on retreat this week and we can only get a morning Communion service versus our regular morning Mass around here. When I mentioned this to my father, he was disappointed. Said he felt bad going to a Communion service because that would be just for him, as opposed to going to Mass for Him. I've never really thought about it. Never separated the two. My daughter said, "Yes, I agree, attending Mass is all about worshiping Him and just going for Communion is padding on the graces for her." Or something like that in easy for me to understand terms. I said I understood but I just, again, never really separated the two. Soooo, as I ran to morning Communion service yesterday, I made a special effort for a little praise and worship during and after the service and I have to say, "What a difference in my small little heart and soul." At one point, and please don't think I'm crazy, but I heard Him say that He was pleased. Tears ran down my face. He continued to say that He was not just pleased with my effort there but also when I pray to Him through His Mother. I do love the rosary and I'm not as slow as I sound. I know that He speaks to me continually and I just am not always open to His words and I know the difference between Mass and Communion service, but I just had to share how pleased I believe He is at our conscious efforts to go a little farther and to seek a deeper meaning and stay a little longer. I pray I can be a little more open, a little more on task, a little more ready every day. May we all be open to finding more ways to give back and to worship and to praise Him because the return on our investment is worth it all.

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