Thursday, June 30, 2011


We just bought this cute little house in Chattanooga for our two oldest girls. Beth graduated this past May from Spring Hill College in Mobile and Sarah is a Senior at UT Chattanooga. I went over Tuesday and worked, painting and replacing trim. There is so much more to be done and although I absolutely love the challenge, it is tiring. We go up again tomorrow for the long weekend. I should be able to get the bedrooms and kitchen finished. I know I'll have to go another time to tile the entry and work on the bathrooms. So much had been completely renovated but what was left, was left and will need to be finished. But, it's a two hour drive and I love painting and patching and caulking and making things right. I have a slight pit in my stomach having Beth move in this weekend. It does feel final. My guess is that this is the last time to have her in our house. Leaving her at college was a breeze compared to this weekend. She has a real job with the Alzheimer's Association that starts next week and she's off and running. Bitter sweet. We're all going up for the weekend so I look forward to having the family all together. Working together. Helping their sisters. It's exciting and yet... change, no matter what, is just difficult.

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