Thursday, June 16, 2011

Calm Down and Read the Instructions

Yesterday I was in a wad trying to copy legal size documents to my half broken copier and get them signed and sent back for the closing on a little place we have found for our two oldest. I could get 13 out of 16 pages printed perfectly but the last pages just would not work. What the heck? I was getting really angry when the thought came just to go down the street and let the "professional copy people" handle this job for me. So, in the midst of a thunderstorm, and I mean nature was pouring and lighting up the sky, I jumped in my car and humbly headed for help. The first place, where I knew the guy and expected great help, sent me to a computer and told me to tell him when I was ready to print. So, I inserted my credit card and began, only to wait and wait and find out that the internet was down because of the storm. I was offered a dry place to stay until the storm quit but I expressed my need to move on because of a deadline, not without saying, "I'll just find another company who can do this for me. Thanks anyway." I was rude. I was charged one dollar for nothing but the light of my short fuse. I moved to the next place where the guy assured me that it would be no problem. I logged into my email fine and he went to his ginormous printer. As another employee entered the scene, I saw my guy point to the paper tray and ask if the paper was legal size. Ugh! Then I noticed it. The badge. "In Training". I had no time for learning. My clock was ticking and my documents had to be scanned and returned to GA then checked then next day aired. The trainee finally conceded after several trials the he could not print them in legal size. He did however get them printed in letter size and it "looks like most of the pages printed". "No, the tops of all of these pages are missing." "Oh, well, if you want them, I'll have to charge you." I wasn't leaving them with him with all my bank info, etc. "Well, he had a shredder in the back and he could shred them. No, not then, but he would do it." "No thanks. How much for what I did not ask for?" One dollar sixty cents but if I have my rewards card it would save me 10 percent. Finally, I just had to burst. "I'm angry right now. I'm paying for something I don't want and I don't care about 10 percent. I need to get these documents back to GA by 3:00 and it's 2:15." Long story short, I went back to my own little printer and read the manual, which if you've read here before is completely against my family's grain, and figured out how to print and got it all done and signed and next day aired and they should arrive today, the good Lord willin'. Now, why don't I just calm down and read the instructions? It would save time and frustration and a whole lot of unnecessary anger toward those in their workplace who do not really care whether or not customers ever return. Oops. Maybe I'm still a little angry but good grief, get a grip. Anyway, amidst the horrible storms yesterday, and I don't just mean from nature, God was good and all was done and I have learned that if I'd just calm down in the first place and work step by step with persistence and faith and the instructions, I can get it all done. (Can't we all?)

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