Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Calgon Take Me Away

I know there is not a single person in this world who wants to hear about another being who feels overwhelmed (don't we all). But I had to laugh at myself yesterday while I was paying bills for the bookstore and paying my household bills (don't tell my boss) of which one was already late (don't tell my husband) and catching a text message from my cousin's wife in Chattanooga who was letting in the Sears (there's more for your life) delivery guys for new appliances (that we drove to Chattanooga on Monday and purchased at the outlet store) being put into our house we closed on last week for our two oldest daughters (one who just graduated from Spring Hill and landed a job at the Alzheimer's Assoc. and the other in college at UT Chattanooga) because for the next several years it will be cheaper and a better investment (obviously) than an apartment. All I could think was "Calgon take me away!" Remember that woman lying in the tub filled with bubbles and smiling, relaxed without a care in the world or a child in the room?

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