Friday, June 24, 2011

Be Different

I can't seem to get out of my head the story Fr. Joe told about St. Thomas More on Tuesday. There must be a reason. He started by proclaiming, "St. Thomas More is one of his favorite saints". A man in a great position in England until King Henry decided to appoint himself ruler over the Church. St. Thomas could not go along with the deal. When asked by some of the people around him to just sign that he agreed purely as being a part of the community, Thomas More said something like, "If I sign and lose my soul and go to hell, then will you go with me 'Just to be part of the community'"? Just going along with the crowd and losing our very souls! Oh, how many times I just had to be a part of the crowd! Thomas More was a regular (sort of) layperson, a father, a brilliant man, a writer and a faithful servant who found himself locked in a tower and ultimately put to death because of his great faith. He simply would not follow the crowd and turn against his faith. And, we can only ask how? How do we love so completely even to the point of losing our own life? How do we not follow the crowd and how do we teach our children not to follow the crowd? After all, everyone is doing it! And mom, I mean everyone. Then be different. Stand strong. Believe that oftentimes, most times, silence is golden. This world is tough but no tougher than the world of St. Thomas More. Save a soul. Go against the grain. This world is temporary. Heaven is forever. Be different.

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