Thursday, May 26, 2011

Same Words, Different Time

The other morning my youngest asked me what I was doing and I simply said, "Reading the Scripture for the day." "You read that all the time. Don't you know what it says? It's the same stories over and over." "Yes, but each time I get something different from the stories because either I find a line I never paid attention to or I am in a different time of my life." "Oh."
After I thought about our conversation, I realized that sometimes I do just skip past the parts I have read day after day, year after year. I realized that I do need to practice what I preach because I am in a different time in my life. I have often heard parts of a story that I have never heard before. I do need to pay attention. I do need to listen to what He is speaking to me at the time in my life that He wants me to hear the message.
Our lives are a journey. Every day, every hour is different then the one before and we need to pay attention to the details, to the Words, to what we may feel we have heard every day of our lives, every week, each year. There are messages we are given that we could miss. There are opportunities put before us that we pass by. There are people put in our path that we ignore. We may think we know exactly what to expect and yet if we really pay attention, something new may be placed right in front of us. Every day is a new day. The same words will mean something completely different in a different time or place. Stay open. Read and reread. Journey.

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