Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Faithful to the Gift"

I ventured back in my Magnificat this morning to read a prayer I had marked as important to hear again and again. "O Lord our God, you chose to build your Church upon the faith of ordinary people made extraordinary by the companionship of your Son and the power of the Holy Spirit. Keep us faithful to the gift which they received with such joy and handed on at such cost, through Christ our Lord. Amen."
Again yesterday, I enjoyed a visit from a past neighbor. Like 40 years ago, past. The last time he visited, around Christmas, we talked about the writing life. He now writes columns for our Catholic Register and is looking for another place to write, to evangelize, to pass on "the gift". He has a way of getting me pumped up to continue my own writing and he tends to wake me up to my daily opportunities. So many times I sit lax with the gift that has been handed down to me, not just from my parents, but from the "ordinary people made extraordinary". I have the most blatant opportunities day in and day out not just to offer others the gifts that would bring them closer to Christ but to listen to those who enter and who bring Christ to me. Yikes woman! Wake up. Daily. Be aware. This kid from my past cannot be expected to visit daily and remind me to be faithful to the gift. My parents are not going to always be around to sign me up for the next retreat to keep me filled with the Spirit that I have been handed down. The apostles received with joy and handed on at cost the power and the companionship. Lord, keep me faithful to the gift, daily, in my home and in my work. I am so fortunate to work in a place with opportunities not just to give but to be open to receive. I am so fortunate to be in a family of ordinary people who can be so extraordinary. The world is full of ordinary and extraordinary opportunities. All that has been handed down is right in front of us as power and as companionship. Together may we all be faithful to the gift.

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