Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Wedding in the Family

I'm very excited this weekend because almost all of my family is coming in for my niece's wedding Saturday. I love when our family gets together. Handed down through the years, we love to play games and tell stories. I can still picture my grandmother pulling out the Dominoes and the Scrabble board and I can hear my uncles telling their wild tales. It truly is the simplicity of it all that makes us who we are today. We have always been able to entertain one another. We just love being together. Now it is almost impossible to get us all into one room so if you don't want to miss anything you have to wander from group to group and hope for the best. Or, you can just stay in the center of the activity and hope the people and the stories will eventually drift back through to you. From not quite 1 to not quite 80, we all have a part in our story. We have been handed down from our parents who are grandparents and great-grandparents and in-laws the blessings of a good time and a good life. We have been taught that when the dust clears and all is settled, we will always have one another and that is so true. May God bless this nice young man and his family. May God bless this weekend and all who have worked so hard to put it together. And, may we share the true meaning of family, our basic, simple love for one another with all who gather.

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