Thursday, April 14, 2011

Throwing Stones

"So they picked up stones to throw at him; but Jesus hid and went out of the temple area."
Why do people throw things at one another? Today, as Jesus is merely speaking the truth, those who could not understand decide to throw stones at him. Isn't that usually the problem? We tend to throw stones when we cannot understand what someone is trying to say or when we just do not understand them at all. Of course, back then, it was truly a stoning but even today we hear of the deaths of others over jealousy or misunderstanding. We hear gossip and rumors that kill someone's reputation and lowers their self-esteem. As we all know, once the first stone is released it seems that things just go from bad to worse. (in our homes, our neighborhoods, our schools, our workplaces, our country and our world)

Here is my recent experience with what damage a stone can do. Months ago, my van windshield was hit by a stone and a tiny hole appeared in the glass. No big. I've had those holes repaired before. The guy came right to the store and in the hottest part of the day, plopped his machine down on my window and then came into the store. "Ma'am. The crack in your window ran. (aka,I made matters worse)" "What do you mean ran?" "Well, sometimes if the windshield is hot (tempers flare), the machine we put on the glass can make the tiny hole run(problems get bigger)." "Then why in the world would you try it if it was too hot(should of waited for things to cool down)." Silence. And then, "You can pay a $50 deductible and we can replace the windshield with no problem.(I can fix the mess I made)" Hmmm. Now, I'm angry. "No thank you. You've done enough.(I think I'll rely on someone else)" I drove with that crack in my windshield for months(chip on my shoulder, anger in my heart, however you want to read it). Now, I'm ready to sale my van and I call the insurance agent for a different company recommendation. The man came to the store yesterday after rescheduling 3 times. He was very nice. Took care of everything, took the $50, cleaned my new windshield and locked the doors because we were busy in the store and he didn't want to bother me. I finally went to leave work at 7:30 last night. Dead battery. My cell phone malfunctioned all day and even though it was fully charged would not work. No one would answer our home phone. That's normal. I only know my daughter's cell phone # who is in college at Spring Hill in Mobile, Al. So, you got it, I called Alabama to get her to call Nashville and ask my husband to come jump my car because the windshield guy left the interior light on while fixing the glass that was split by another windshield guy who didn't see anything so big deal about putting his machine on my hot windshield with the tiny hole caused by getting it hit by a stone. Should have had that original hole repaired in the cool, hidden setting of my carport or garage.

Throwing stones cause many more problems than people realize. It's obviously best to slip away before the first one is thrown. The next time we're thinking about casting one, we may want to think seriously about the possible effects.

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  1. Miss Cragon, I enjoyed your writing today. I have learned over the years that the only satisfaction one really gets from throwing rocks is the immediate 'aim and release.' It should be on us- as Christians- to do our best to suppress that emotional outburst and move on to something that is more productive and more sustaining to our lives and our relationships. After all, once that stone is thrown- as you so aptly illustrated- all that's left is a mess to clean up and the relalization that throwing stones got us nowhere but backwards to begin with. It isn't easy being Christian, but the rewards are plenty. It is easy being a stone-thrower, but how many stone-throwers do you know who are content, joy-filled living examples of God's faith community. I've never met one! So, thanks for your words. When next you see me and my pockets are full of rocks, you'll be reminded you helped one soul today!!