Monday, April 4, 2011


As I read my friend's post over at Road Beyond 50 about Lent and sitting fruitless in the "writing" department, I realize that I too have been quite fruitless. After finishing my 365 meditation and sending it off and receiving it back from editing, I sit. After receiving a new list of Saints from Italy to write biographies for, I sit. After being asked to work on a youth prayer book, I sit. I sit in what I have found today to be poverty. As I read my meditation from Magnificat this morning, I believe I have been led to a state of poverty so that I will pray. I believe that I have been emptied of the words and the desire for the words so that I will turn to the very One who is responsible for what needs to be said, what needs to be heard. I believe that I am reminded that these words have been given and any acknowledgment should go back to the giver. And, as the meditation goes, "Thus, the poverty which before crushed us now becomes, through prayer, a source of wealth, by which we gain possession of the heart of God." I believe I am to wait in prayer, aware of my true need of God, of His love, of His gifts, of His words. My friend made me aware of my own fruitlessness and in God's mercy He has made me aware of my true poverty and His desire to give me all I need. Don't we just love the 40 days of lent!

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