Thursday, February 3, 2011


I had a customer yesterday who came to the counter with a picture we had just received this week and I expressed to her how difficult this one picture of Christ is to find. She shared that it was a gift for her father's birthday and she felt it Divine Providence that she happened upon it because it was one of his favorite images and she had not seen it in years.
Made me think. Divine Providence. Often I share a God-incidence. Here's mine from yesterday.
As we sat at the funeral home to plan for the visitation, memorial and burial of my father-in-law, we were slightly up in the air as to who could speak at his memorial. Having the bookstore, my husband and I mentioned that we could get just about anyone they would be comfortable with in the way of a priest, deacon, sister, minister or friend. They left it pretty much up to us. I suggested a few people to my husband and he said he'd think about it. We finished up with the wonderful man at Marshall Donnelly and said goodbye to one another. As my husband and I went to leave, the funeral director, a friend of mine, came and hugged me and told us that Marty was asking about us. He is a deacon in our Parish. I flipped my head toward my husband and he smiled. I said, "Maybe that's a sign?" As we walked to our cars, I mentioned that Marty was head of the Cursillo in Nashville and had worked with the Methodist Cursillo as well. I find him very ecumenical. Harlen would like him too. My father-in-law raised the kids in the Methodist Church. My husband agreed and when I got back to work I tried to call Marty several times with no luck. I had almost decided to try another person when a buzz came across my phone from the intercom in the front of the store. "Margo and Marty are here to see you about a project they need you to work on." "Send them up." They had brought in some pictures that had been water damaged and asked if I could find some replacements. Of course, no problem. As we finished, I asked, "Did you get my messages on your home and your cell phones?" "No." And so I asked him to speak at the memorial for my father-in-law and although he had a slight conflict, he answered, "I can do that. No problem. I'll be there. Have the children send me what they would like me to say and I'll tie it to a Reading from Scripture." Perfect. "Thank you so much." Divine Providence
I wrote up some ideas and mentioned the Reading from Scripture idea Marty had and even though I wanted to suggest Corinthians 13, decided to let the girls give their own suggestions. Awake at 1:30 a.m. and unable to sleep, I checked my email to find one of the girl's info about their dad. It was beautiful and the Scripture verse chosen...Corinthians 13. God-instance.


  1. Funny how God works! I think you are right aboutGod-incidence!

  2. Beautiful! And continuing to say prayers for your dear FiL! God bless all of you!