Thursday, January 27, 2011


Saturday I'm in the basement of the bookstore receiving items in for the upcoming Communion, Confirmation, RCIA, Lent, Easter season and I could see Roy coming through the parking lot. Roy is a regular. I remember that I actually have some cash for a change and go to my purse and put some in anticipating Roy's request. I go down front and meet Roy as he enters the store. "What's up?" "Hey, come here. Let me ask you something. Can you give me...." I reach in my pocket and hand him some money at which he scowls. "Roy, that's plenty to get you a sandwich and a drink or fries or whatever you like." "I wanted to go across and get some chicken." "Well, that's enough for a snack meal." Evidently not. He was not happy but left mumbling something and as usual I let him irritate me. Soooo. In he walks yesterday and again, "What's up?" "How's Allen?" "He's good. Thanks." "How's the children?" "All good." "Do you have some candles you can give me?" "Sure, no problem." I go downstairs and grab a plastic bag and put about 8 beeswax altar candles, some used, in the bag and walk up and hand them to Roy. "Don't you have more?" Again, I find myself irritated but I go get him about 12 more and put them in his bag. "Thank ya." "You're welcome."
Now, why is it that I can let a simple old street guy bother me with his simple requests? I know when I see him that I will never give him enough and yet his reaction still irritates me. I guess I should be more generous on the front end, you know, as if I'll never see him again. My attitude sort of blows the whole "child of God", "face of Christ", "love one another", "do unto others", "widows mite", etc etc thing. I hope my next opportunity has a better result. What would you do?

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  1. I don't know, I think you were very generous. What does he want with that many candles?? I don't know if I would have been so generous. I have really slowed down on my giving to street bums since I see them much more frequently now (and they have found a almost permanent post just a block away from my house). I don't want them knowing where I live because they could be dangerous and I feel like I'm fueling their addictions by always giving to them, so I've reduced my givings to a few prayers when I pass by them. I probably need the prayers more than they do! Lord have mercy.