Saturday, January 29, 2011

Give it all Away

Today with Brother Juniper's Feast Day, we read about a Franciscan in the time of St. Francis and St. Clare who was known "in the house" for giving everything away. He simply saw the needs of others and attended to them in every way possible. Today's readings are all about Faith. Faith in our God who will give us all we need. Faith in our God who will provide when we ourselves give to those in need. Why am I always so worried about how much to give? Can I not see that the more I give the more I receive? Can I not realize that no matter how little I'm left with, God will provide? True Faith. That's what Brother Juniper's life was all about. He did not worry about what would be done with what he gave or if those he gave to would be back for more. He did not worry about the consequences on this earth by his giving but rather the consequences if he did not give in abundance. As Abraham, as Brother Juniper, may we learn to have the faith to go the distance. May we have the faith to give, to follow, to tend, to love, completely. No holding back.

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  1. " have the faith to go the distance." I really like that. Thanks. k