Friday, January 21, 2011

An Adventure, Work to do and a Stomach Ache

My two sisters and I ventured down to Naples to load furniture from my parents' condo and bring it back to our houses and as usual being around those two I picked up a few lessons that can be stored and reused. My daughter drove Donna and I to the airport at 4 a.m. to catch our 5:30 flight. We arrived in plenty of time and boarded the plane without a glitch. On board we learned that we were waiting for a signature on some equipment check and would have a slight delay but should make most of the connecting flights. Fifteen minutes later and still waiting, 4 or 5 passengers deplaned to try other flights. Twenty-five minutes later we went on to Atlanta and hustled off the plane. I was a little worried we may miss our connection. We walked quickly and without hesitation to our flight where my sister Jeanne was standing outside at the door yelling "Here they come. Don't worry sisters, I had them hold the plane." The girl at the desk said the door would close in 3 minutes and we must get on now so off we went to find our seats. Thank goodness for the rest of the plane, we did not have seats together.
After arriving and talking with our parents for awhile, we discovered that our father had already ordered a truck and it would be available Monday along with two guys who would help us load. The Penske was a 17ft truck with 2 seats. As we drove around Naples, we saw a truck that my sister thought may be like the one we would drive. I was worried. It was huge. So, after dinner we went and viewed the truck we would probably be using. Not as big but still only 2 seats. Oh, so these girls say they can just put a lawn chair between the seats and strap across with a rope. I think they're crazy so I offer to rent a small van and follow or better yet get a plane ticket and meet them in Atlanta. We decided that we only needed a 14ft truck but 3 seats so we had Donna call around. She ended up getting the deposit back on the Penske and getting a UHaul with 3 seats and a smaller rear.
As we went to pick up the UHaul on Monday, I voiced that this entire trip had given me a stomach ache. My sister Jeanne thought it was one huge adventure and Donna was on to do the work that needed done.
And so the story goes. Everything we wanted and more was loaded in that UHaul without a space to spare. We went for a nice dinner, rose the next morning early and headed out. Jeanne on her adventure, Donna with a job to complete and me a little worried that we could pull this whole thing off. But, we did and it went smoother than we ever dreamed possible. When we got to Atlanta, my nephew and a friend were waiting. I backed that rig right up the driveway to his garage and it was half unloaded in no time. Donna and I said goodbye to the adventure and headed on. Up and over Monteagle and on to Nashville, unloaded the next day and returned to UHaul on Thursday. Job complete. And, hey, I have no more worries. As a matter of fact, I got pretty good at driving that baby and after I learned to deal with the trip as an adventure and a job, I had some fun.
Come to think of it, those 2 sisters of mine bring out the best in the times we spend together. There seems to always be some sort of adventure and some sort of work to be done. And, a little like our life together, when it comes down to it, it's always fun.

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