Saturday, December 18, 2010

What's In a Name

"She will bear a son and you are to name him Jesus"

The Lord appears to Joseph in our Gospel reading today and tells him to take Mary as his wife and she will bore a Son and they shall name Him Jesus. Instruction given and followed.
I have heard others throughout my life tell of receiving a name for their children in a dream. I personally never had that wonderful occurrence. I think that would be neat to feel like God had spoken to me in a dream and told me to name my child such and such. But alas, I sat after each birth with a Lives of the Saints book in hand and after seeing our child, my husband and I would decide on a name. Our first, Catherine Elizabeth was named after 2 awesome Saints, Catherine of Siena and Elizabeth of Hungary. Sarah is my husband's grandmother's name and Christine was the name of the sister who taught me in first grade who became Mother Superior of her congregation. William Harlen is named with the first names of his grandfathers. Poor little Margaret Anne started as Monica until we told my father-in-law her name and he asked if we named her after Monica Lewinski (same year of Clinton scandal). We couldn't get off the phone fast enough and call records in the hospital and have the process stopped. Oh heavens, how humans can kill a name! St. Margaret Mary and St. Anne both awesome, strong women, are perfect for this daughter to emulate. Nicholas Allen seems pretty obvious named after St. Nicholas and my husband but we played with this for quite some time because one of our regular street people use to call Allen Nicholas all the time and we wondered if that would bother us throughout this child's life. St. Nicholas overpowers Paul the street guy. The name has been a perfect fit. And last but not least, we have Julia Marie named straight after her mother. My thought was that when I have a child in my 42nd year, I can name her whatever I think I can remember in my old age. And, she reminds me often that I'm much older than the mom's of all the other kids in her class. Payback for this one could be grueling but my father laughs with every Julia story and says, "What goes around comes around. You certainly deserve this one." Hey! I must say, we might as well of received each of their names in a dream, because so far they have fit each one perfectly.
Soon and very soon, there will be another birth and His Name, announced today, is Jesus. His Name given from above is above all other names and it fits Him perfectly.

Any child naming stories to share?

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  1. Our daughter Kendra Lee is named after my sister Heide Lee, sons Zachary James after my husband James, Matthew Dennis after my dad Dennis, and Alex Edmund after my grandpa Edmund.

    Great post, wonderful names!!