Monday, December 13, 2010

St. Lucy - And the Eyes Have It

Because she is the patron Saint for eyes and eye trauma, this poor young martyr has been begged for intercession a couple of times in my family. My two oldest girls have both suffered eye trauma. First, the oldest was playing in a puddle of water near an old basketball goal (metal pole) and rubbed her eye and somehow stuck a rusty sliver of metal in her eye. A trip to the eye doctor and prayers to St. Lucy helped that time and again when she was practicing softball and running her hand along the fence in the dugout flicked a piece of metal in her eye. This was much tougher because she kept rubbing her eye and pushed the metal in somewhat deep. My husband brought her down to the store and I called Dr. Ducklo on a Saturday. He suggested we have her blink multiple times with her eye in a bowl of water. My mom happened to have a huge jug of Lourdes water at the store so I added some of that to the bowl and she blinked and blinked with no luck. We met doc at his office. He worked for an hour with a frightened young girl and her mom. It was difficult to help her keep her eye open. Many, many instruments were tried and finally after many prayers and some begging, Dr. Ducklo tried a mini drill with a tiny brush on the end. He held it in her eye for what seemed forever and the sliver flicked out the same way it flicked in. We were all exhausted by the end and all I could do was thank God, His Mother, and all the Saints and angels I called upon during the process.
Now let's not stop there. My second oldest daughter got hit in the eye with a clump of ice at that same softball field. I believe it was an accident and of course I had to be out of town but with multiple drops and visits back and forth to Dr. Ducklo and again many prayers to St. Lucy, she has full sight in that eye. She had to lay on her back as still as she could for a couple of days. Me being out of town made it awful for everyone. I wanted to see to believe, a little girl wanted her mom and a husband could have used some help. But again, after several days and many prayers I was able to thank God for His goodness and mercy to our family.
Dr. Ducklo suggests goggles for each of our children. At the time, we didn't think it was such a bad idea.
On this Feast of St. Lucy may all who struggle with their sight or any type of eye trauma be blessed in a special way. I am grateful for the belief in the intercession of Saints and today I am grateful for St. Lucy, patron of eyes.