Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Multiply Those Loaves

Today, we find Jesus so compassionate toward the people who have been faithfully following Him and who have come to be healed. He just cannot send them away without something to eat. He knows they need food to sustain them. To get them back home. To nourish the journey. He knows we need that same food and we are fortunate enough to have that same food available to us every single day of the year.
Today I have to think about the times when I feel like I just cannot do one more thing. Like I cannot answer one more question or help one more person or cook one more meal. I have to think about the times when I am exhausted and just want to scream or to hide or to rest. And yet, I don't. I keep right on keepin' on and somehow the loaves are multiplied. Somehow, I continue the journey. Somehow, I answer the questions and help another person and cook and pick up and continue. Somehow, I'm better. Somehow, is all about Him. He sustains. He feeds. He helps me to continue and to hope and to love and to feed someone else. He multiplies those loaves and He leaves me with leftovers. He has compassion for us. He heals. He feeds.
Today, we are asked just to pass around all that He has given. He will fill the baskets. He will multiply. He will feed. He will heal. He will provide. All we are asked to do is spread it all around.


  1. Thanks for this post. After reading this gospel I put myself in the mind of Jesus, instead of just thinking of my own life. Doing that, I see him and this reading in a much different light. Slow today, I guess. Thanks again. k

  2. Great post, so many things for me to think about and contemplate!