Monday, November 8, 2010

What's It Like Being You?

As I was unpacking the van and setting up tables for this conference at Lake Barkley, I realized a couple of things I forgot that I bring each year. Now granted, I have three huge tables along with three sets of shelves and a floor book rack with four sides. Boy did I miss my husband while unloading the van! But as I set up the literally hundreds of items I brought, all I could think about were the few I forgot. This made me think about my brother who had to set up his booth of furniture in the Atlanta Merchandise Mart and have two different showrooms with his furniture displayed. He had to bring cushions for one couch that he had shipped (obviously without cushions) and was working like crazy right up until the show opened. The man from one of the showrooms asked him, "Just what is it like being you?" He was all over the place and that's about how I feel this week. But, let's think about it a minute. What is it like being you? I literally had to contemplate the question this morning. I can see a little bit of many of my family members in me. I often fly by the seat of my pants. I love having a great time but want people to take me seriously in my business. I way over extend myself and feel guilty not helping more in my children' school and at Church. I want people to like me. I'm a good Catholic wanna be. I love entertaining people. I'm always running a load of clothes, to the grocery, to work, at work, to school (okay, I'm always running). I often forget to take things out of the freezer for dinner. I love my life and don't want to give up anything but I'm always crazed. And I love talking about the Catholic Bookstore industry, retail, the Catholic Faith, books, authors and my family. Just what is it like being me? I am thinking about that this week.
So, how about it. Just what's it like being you? Do you see yourself in others or them in you?

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