Friday, November 26, 2010

Remember Sr. Sally?

Remember Sr. Sally, Daughters of Charity? Well, she came by the store the day before Thanksgiving and was jumping out of her skin to tell us a story about the "Spirit of the Season". She came to the register at the bookstore and I immediately tried to help and screwed up her order for 10 minutes. Finally we got on the same page that she was trying to get a purple globe with 5 insert candles for her Sanctuary lamp during the Advent Season. I thought she was going for 3 purple and a pink for a wreath. Oops. Anyway, helped her out a little on the price because she had mentioned knowing it would "cost her" but they have an electric lamp and she just wanted the "real thing" during such a special season. I thing she'd always prefer the "real thing" and I agree. So she smiled and thanked me and said how much she loved the "Spirit of the Season". That morning a man had come to the Outreach Center, where she and Sr. Naomi hand out food and clothes for those in need, and asked if they needed anything. They had just started to tell people that they were out of meat so the man offered to go to Krogers and buy meat. When he came back, he gave $50 Kroger gift cards to everyone in the place along with a $20 bill. Sister said there was hoopin' and cheering like these people had won the lottery. During the uproar, the generous man slipped out sight unseen. Right on the verge of not having meat for Thanksgiving and along comes the "Spirit of the Season". I hope we all remember and appreciate our cities' Sr. Sallys.


  1. Julie: Wonderful. WOuld you consider letting us post this on YIM?
    Blessings to you. Email me!

  2. Julie: THanks for letting us post this on YIM. You MUST see the amazing comment just posted by someone who had a "God-instance" (i.e. coincidence) with Sister Sally....