Thursday, November 4, 2010

Don't Ya Love When That Happens

Michael moved to Nashville and came to work in our bookstore after we had to close our Atlanta location. He lived with us for a short period of time and worked in our shipping and receiving department. He called the women Sister so and so and the men Brother so and so but I was Mother Jules, of course, because of the children. A few years with us and he decided to go to seminary and is now a parish priest. A wonderful man, everyone who knows him seems to love him. For a few years, he's been looking for a nice Chapel Monstrance but we have been unable to find just the right fit. About two and a half weeks ago, an older woman and her daughter came into the store from the parish where Michael is pastor. It seems that the woman's husband had died and they wanted to buy Michael a Chapel Monstrance. One of our manufacturers had just put a few new Monstrances in our catalog and one of them seemed perfect. The woman proceeded to tell me about the care that Michael had taken with her husband. He referred to him as Brother Pete,(I was not surprised), and visited him faithfully. He was a true "gift" to her husband's last days.
That Monstrance came in last week and I set it aside to check it later. Yesterday! I remembered it and checked it and found it to be absolutely beautiful. The inscription on the bottom, "In loving memory of Brother Pete". I called the daughter and she said, "I'll send someone right away. My parents' 60th Anniversary will be tomorrow (today) and he is having Mass for them tonight. Perfect timing." It gave me goosebumps to hear her words and excitement. I thought about that Monstrance holding Jesus and having Brother Pete's inscription on the bottom. I love God-incidences.

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