Thursday, November 18, 2010

Can I Get a Witness

Last Saturday we had a new customer come into the store who had just moved to Nashville and was very happy and somewhat surprised to find a large Catholic Bookstore right in the heart of the city. (well, sorta). I introduced myself and he was very complimentary and kind. I allowed him to shop and actually forgot about another customer who had gone to the 3rd floor earlier. I walked up to the office moments later to find the newcomer speaking to the young man and talking about the catechisms. They said they were fine. I thought it okay and went back downstairs. A few minutes later the newcomer approached me and explained that the young man seemed to be interested in the Catholic Church and wanted to make me aware of an "opportunity". "He seems young and may limit himself to the more concise readings because of money so I would like to give you may credit card and after I leave, you tell him to buy whatever he wants." And so I did. I went to the third floor and spoke with him for some time and he explained being raised in a different religion but not really being tied to it because he felt the people around him to be judgmental of other religions. He felt excited about the possibility of finding the Catholic faith to be a fit for him. He was "worried about his soul". I told him of the man's offer and he flushed. He was more than humbled by the kind gesture and we discussed what it meant to be a true Christian. A Catholic Christian in this case. What an amazing experience for me to be in the midst of this witness from both men! As he checked out, I asked his name and when he shook my hand he apologized for his balmy hand. He was nervous. He was truly moved. He was so humble and grateful. I promised him I would let the gentleman know of his gratitude. His well worn cowboy boots walked him right out our door the same way they brought him in but he was definitely, already a changed young man.


  1. What a nice man! great story...hope the young man finds some answers.

  2. Awesome, so awesome!

    I bet I would love your store....3 floors....I could spend a lot of time there!!!