Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cadiz, KY

I'm off to Lake Barkley for the first part of the week to set up book tables for the five Diocese conference that occurs there each year at this time. Another hand-me-down from my mother. She started working this conference twenty something years ago and I just picked up where she left off. It is the only time each year that I get to see some of my friends from Kentucky, Alabama, the Memphis Diocese and the Knoxville Diocese. It is a good three days but I miss my children and all the great happenings around my house during this time. All have started basketball so there will be a lot of running back and forth to practices. I love to watch their practices because I don't get to all their games during the season but I'll have to let go of that this week. The second half of the week, St. Mary's is attending Christmas Village, a Christmas show put on by the PiPhi Sorority which benefits Vanderbilt Childrens' Hospital. Another hand-me-down from mom. We are set up in a rather large booth from Thursday night until late Sunday at the fairgrounds. Again, we love to see the people every year. It's a tradition for many families and my sister and her friends come from Atlanta every year and we have a good time seeing their purchases and laughing at their encounters.
I hope everyone has a wonderful week and I also hope I get some much needed writing time at Lake Barkley between talks and exhibit times. May God watch over my family and the bookstore while I am away.

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