Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Maggie Valley, NC

Well this week I am in Maggie Valley, NC at a Diocesan priest retreat. Each year the Charlotte Diocese invites me to set up shop at the Living Waters Retreat Center (to reflect the Son deep in the heart of a mountain) and each year after setting up for 4 hours I am greeted and welcomed by a wonderful group of men, dedicated to their call to be priests. I have to admit that last night I was worn out and I sat down to blog about how cold it is up here on the mountain and how tiresome it is sitting all day waiting for customers between walks and talks and prayer. Then I realized, this blog is about hand me downs and my parents didn't pass on whining. Plus, it's awesome here and I should be grateful to have this opportunity and so I am...grateful. I recognize most of the guys from years past and I'd like to mention this one in particular. This priest seems to always be happy. He walks over to greet me, thanks me for being here each year and converses with me for some time about life. Actually, there are quite a few of the guys like this. This is not a business transaction, although that happens. It is a relationship. I love a good relationship. This entire experience has become a part of my life and their lives and we have formed a relationship. God has brought me to this place and has blessed me with this encounter and I am grateful. Hopefully, my husband will bring 4 of my children up today (fall break, I don't ever remember fall break as a kid) and they will help me break down tonight and we can travel to Chattanooga and visit daughter Sarah at UTC. God is good.


  1. Looks like a beautiful place to spend some quiet time. Hope the weather improves for the rest of your trip. I know we are supposed to have an awesome fall weekend.

    Oh, and I certainly don't remember having fall breaks. Our kids are getting a whole week off at Thanksgiving. Crazy stuff.

  2. As we travel through life we develop all kinds of different relationships. Most times when we start something we never know where it will end. I'm sure you don't know where this part of your life (going to this retreat) will end or where it will take you, but it sounds as though it suits you just fine. God is working, as usual... k