Monday, October 18, 2010

Support in Prayer

I loved yesterday's first reading about Moses. Good ole Moses simply raised his hands and Israel was able to have the better of the battle against Amalek but as his hands dropped due to exhaustion, Amalek would begin to win against Israel. So, they prop Moses on a rock and Aaron and Hur support his hands and Israel wins the battle.

In this reading we receive a wonderful message about the power of prayer. When we are exhausted, when we are sick, when we can just no longer make it on our own, God gives us one another for support. On this Monday, on this first day of a brand new week, while we feel refreshed and renewed, may we say a prayer for all who have ever supported us when we have been exhausted or sick. If you are well, prayer for the sick. If you are employed, pray for the unemployed. If you have a home, pray for the homeless. Today, at some point, envision yourself holding up the hands of another and praying for them so that together we can defeat anything or anyone that stands between us and God.


  1. I love the reminder about the power of prayer and how God gives us one another for support... thanks!

  2. This is beautiful. I am lifting my hands right now to pray.