Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gotta Love the Little Guy

I couldn't help but think about my children this morning as the story about Zacchaeus was read. My eldest and second child late in their college years, small in this world, headed toward their life choices, their careers, their callings. My 6ft2 high school sophomore playing lacrosse for the first time, getting his feet wet, learning new skills and headed quickly toward ACTs and SATs and college decisions. My 7th grader struggling against the importance of popularity, her parents trying to keep her from rushing into growing up too quickly. My 5th grader, one of the smaller ones in the class, wanting to play every sport, wanting to make the best grades, always pushing himself. And the youngest, trying to keep up with it all, not letting anything get past her. I prayed as I heard Jesus speak to Zacchaeus, the least popular guy in the town and one of the smallest as well. I prayed that these children would seek Jesus no matter how difficult the challenge. I prayed that they would answer "yes" to His invitation to come to them, to dwell in their hearts. I prayed that no matter how much smaller they felt that they would do everything in their power to stick to their beliefs. Ya just gotta love the little guy. He doesn't just receive the invite and accept the forgiveness, but he promises to undo all the wrong he's bestowed on others. He works hard to get a glimpse of Jesus and all his hard work pays off. May all our children accept, repair, work hard and say "yes" to Jesus as they journey through this life.


  1. What a beautiful prayer Julie! Straight from your mother's heart to the mothering-heart of our all loving God. How can He resist?! God bless you and yours!

  2. What a wonderful reflection, Julie!