Friday, September 10, 2010

Splinter in the Eye

The Gospel for today reminds me of my oldest daughter and her awful eye incident. When she was nine or so, she played softball. One Saturday while in the dugout, she was running her hands along the fence and something flicked into her eye. After practice, her father brought her down to the bookstore because she felt something in her eye and they couldn't seem to get it out. I called our eye doctor and he said to have her put her face into some water and blink her eye several times and see if the object would come out. Now I happen to have had some Lourdes water there at the store so I added that to the tap water and had her work with that for a while but nothing seemed to help. Our eye doctor met us at his office which was just down the street from the store and he worked and worked but could not seem to get that sliver of metal from her eye. Evidently, the rubbing had pushed it in deep so as a last resort he decided to use a tiny drill and try to flick it out the same way it came in. My eyes watered as I prayed to St. Lucy and Our Lady of Lourdes to please help remove that splinter and save my baby from any kind of eye trauma. The sliver was right next to her cornea and my daughter had a very difficult time sitting still with her eye open as all those instruments kept going toward her but the drill was almost the last straw. She knew she had to do it or go to the hospital so she braced herself and low and behold the darn thing did flick out the same way it came in. I believe he worked an hour and a half and just as it had been handed down by my parents, I prayed the entire time and then I thanked all of Heaven for that doctor's skillful, patient hands.
Lord, remove everything that keeps me from seeing You clearly in every situation.

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