Friday, August 13, 2010

Dorothy, We're Not in Kansas Anymore

For some reason yesterday, I decided to venture out with two of my daughters to get new school uniforms. I was totally opposed because we have several that fit okay but our shirts are extremely faded (my nieces who wore them previously are now 25 and 27) so off we went. As we cruised down to get on the interstate, a huge storm blew up all around us. It was scary. I had to pull off down a side street because limbs from trees were flying all around and the winds were causing the rain to pelt water against the car making it difficult to see. "Auntie Em! Auntie Em!" I pulled into a small condominium parking lot and found it impossible to park without being near a tree. We were close to my parents place so I told the girls we would go there. As the rain slowed, I pulled from the driveway back onto the main road and found that one block up, the road was blocked by a huge tree that had fallen. As I turned to round the block, another tree and branches. We moved along slowly, talking about God's protection and the timing of having turned into that lot when we did. We stayed with my parents for less than an hour, then ventured back out to go home to my boys. Back on the main street, we noticed that a tree had fallen right behind where we had turned into that lot. We rounded the corner and huge trees were down all over the back streets and neighborhoods. Had a tornado touched down? Thank You God for Your protection. My girls and I were petrified and as we turned to You, You brought us to safety. You stretched out Your hand. You calmed the storm. In You we found refuge. I love that my children immediately start peeling off Our Fathers and Hail Marys in times trouble. Forget new uniforms. We have hand-me-downs that work just fine, whether in the form of clothing or faith. Thank You God.

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  1. "we had hand-me-downs that worked just fine"- that's a great line in referring to the Our Father and Hail Mary. Love it!