Friday, August 20, 2010

Dem Bones

"Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones...dem bones gonna walk around."
I don't know! The reading from Ezekiel today reminded me of this old folk song and I haven't been able to get it out of my head. But as I finished the reading, I heard the words of Jesus refreshing my spirit and breathing life into my old dried up spiritual self. That's exactly what seems to happen to me. I get all dried up in my spiritual life. Stagnant. Boring. Often I need the breathe of His Spirit to blow through my dried up bones and get them walking around. Tying this into our Saint of the Day, St. Bernard who had 5 brothers, 2 uncles and about 30 friends follow him into the monastery and breathe life back into monastic life. How appropriate! Today, I'm led creaking and crackling to contemplate how to allow the Spirit to refresh my prayer life, my parenting life, my bookstore life. I need this renewal and I wouldn't mind dragging the brothers, uncles and friends along with me. Work dem bones.

Breathe in us, O Lord, and renew Your Spirit in us. Raise us up, that we may more fully do Your will.


  1. I wrote about St. Bernard today too, and did not consider him from this perspective. Thank you Julie!

  2. I loved this reading for today too. Such a great analogy for our lack of zeal that happens way too often! I needed that reminder from Ezekiel too :)

  3. Sometimes I feel like I am the dry bones. Thank goodness, He brings me back to life!

  4. Feel the same way at times. We are all called to be Holy Men and Women but in the secular world we need that shaking up of 'dem bones once in a while.