Monday, July 19, 2010

Consequence or love

Today we get the direct hit from Jesus tying the Old Testament story to the New Testament. I want to say that He tells us today to stop looking for the signs of when the end will come and start behaving properly because it's the right thing to do. There are a million times in my life that I can recall where I straightened up my act because I was worried I'd get caught and not because it was simply the right way to act. And, here in this Book, God gives us many stories of people who do the exact same thing and yet He still has to send His Son to get the point across. If I go to Mass to follow what the Law commands, then I attend. But if I go to Mass because I love Jesus and I want to participate more fully in His love for me, then I live. If I go to Confession to free myself of sin, then I am temporarily free. But if I go to Confession because I love Jesus and want to try to sin no more, then I live. How would it be to live our lives worried about the consequences, always looking for the sign that it's the end of time? Wouldn't it just be so much more enjoyable to live a life of love for one another? Today, this passage would bring to my friend Jennifer's mind her favorite Walmart blip. She heard a mom yell at her child, "Can't you just understand these two simple words 'be have'?" Always makes me laugh. Jesus wants us to live in His love. He wants us to enjoy are time here and to be examples to one another and to live fully. He does not want us to live by consequence, but by love. He wants us to behave so we do not have to constantly be looking for signs.

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