Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Way We Remember

"I felt she was making up her own version as she went along, putting in what she liked and leaving out what didn't suit her - maybe that's the way all our memories work."

This quote from Gail Godwin's book is so me. I actually had to write it down.
Yesterday, my 12 year old daughter said, "Mom, you remember when you told us how you were so poor when you were young that the kids had to color on the paper that you tore off the coat hangers? And then you told us you had to use old candle wax for crayons but you said you were just kidding about that." No I don't remember telling them that but it sounds about right. I do have a tendency to embellish a story and I do think I've colored on hanger paper before and mom did watch money carefully and I do like the idea. I must have been making a "waste not want not" point when I made that up.
I, like many of my other siblings, have a knack for "making up our own version as we go along" and oftentimes that version changes the more we tell the story. All I know is that I was the perfect angel of a child and grew in "grace and wisdom" alongside my best friend Maureen. We did everything our parents asked, we helped our neighbors at no charge, we followed every move our older siblings made, and we were the model citizens at school. And, I can make a long-winded truth out of each of those statements. Isn't it funny how we remember stories about growing up? Share a past story with someone today and juice it up a little. Make it fun. Make someone laugh or say, "What? That's not the way it happened at all?" The way we remember can be exciting. Embellish a little and let me know if you get any great reactions.


  1. YeS!!!!! I had a GREAT REACTION.....but, I'm not going to
    give it on this comment!

  2. I remember the Dortch's had a little sign with a dog house and 8 little detachable doggies, and Julie's dog was always in the dog house!kathy o