Sunday, June 13, 2010

St. Anthony of Padua

Last year around this time, as most have heard, I was traveling in Spain and Portugal with my mother and two oldest daughters. While in Lisbon, Beth and I took a walk as the other two rested. Not far from our hotel was the Church of St. Anthony of Padua. As we entered, Mass was about to begin but this elderly gentleman, (Beth and I later named Keeper of the Crypt), motioned for us to enter a door and journey down a steep set of stairs. He hung out as we read that we were in St. Anthony's birthplace and as we knelt before a grated partition, the plaque to the left read, "Pope John Paul II knelt here in ____". (Similar plaque we saw in Fatima and in Santarem. We felt like we were following a previous journey.) We dropped a coin in the slot to light up an electric votive light and I prayed for my brother Phillip Anthony and his son, Phillip Anthony Jr., both deceased. I felt an incredible presence.
We walked back up just as a visiting Franciscan celebrated Mass. After Mass, they processed with the Relic of St. Anthony and prayed many prayers. It was a beautiful experience. I picked up a little prayer card and this is the shortened version:
Five Minutes with St. Anthony
How long I was waiting for you, devoted soul, as I know very well the favors you need and want me to ask God.
I feel like doing everything for you, but, tell me one by one all your needs, as I wish to be the intermediary between your soul and God, to pour balm into your wounds. I feel the anguish of your heart and I want to join your sorrows.
Do you wish my help in business? Do you want protection to restore peace in your family? Do you want to get a job? Do you want to help poor people? Any necessitous person? Do you wish any tribulation to stop? Do you want your health or of someone you love very much? Courage, as you will obtain everything.
...I want you to be more devoted to our Mother, the Holy Mary...
How many, with earnest faith, have come to me with the bread of the poor in his hands and have been heard. They invoke me to be successful in business, to find a lost object, to obtain the conversion of someone distant from God; and I, for poor's love, whose misery is in my hands, obtain from God everything one asks and even much more. Now, go back to your work and don't forget what I have recommended you. Come always to me, because I'm waiting for you. Your visits will be pleasant to me, because you will never find a friend so affectionate as me.
I leave you in the Holy Heart of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

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  1. I usually just shoot a prayer to St. Anthony when I have lost something, but this prayer makes me see that his interession can be used for something much more important. My brother, Anthony has always had a connection with St. Anthony- even if just by name. Now I will use St. Anthony's intersession to prayer for my lost brother, Anthony, that God may bring him home to the Church.