Monday, June 21, 2010


"For as you judge, so will you be judged, and the measure with which you measure will be measured out to you."

A hand-me-down that most families can relate to is the art of cooking. I watched my mom cook a lot while I was growing up. When we were older and started asking for recipes, she'd try to write some of them down and really had no idea how to pinpoint measurements. A pinch of this. A pinch of that. So much to taste. And taste again. And if it's not quite right, add a little bit of this. And try to get such and such brand because they have a spoonful of this added. To make it thicker, add... If it's too thin, add... Cook for about... Is there actually a specific measurement of anything in home cooking? I think not. Flavoring to taste seems to be the key. I guess that's why my mom always had enough to feed an army. She feared she may have to taste half the dish before she got it just exactly like she wanted it.
I believe, in the big scheme of things, it was good my mother never really measured out her recipes. There would be no telling how we kids would have ended up had she'd tried to actually get us to measure up. Measure up to what? Compare us to who? The parentals actually tried their best not to compare. Not to judge. Not to have us measure up to anyone but ourselves. They added bits and pieces, pinches, dashes and tads to flavor but for the most part, there were no written recipes. Comparing, judging, measuring just led to one huge, tasteless batch. It's not easy going without a recipe. Life is tough. Thank goodness I had someone to teach me the fine art. Love's the key. Prayer is essential (especially in my kitchen). Scripture has most everything you need. And, after all is tasted two or three times, add just a little extra to bring out the full flavor. Forget specific measurements. They'll mess up the dish.


  1. Julie...awesome post. In my AND dad were the cooks. My dad was the Italian chef...and my mom was borned and raised in the south. We used to call her the "Georgia Peach".
    I think I had the best of both worlds. You are right...not much measuring going on in our kitchen either. Both of my parents are gone now...and those moments in the kitchen are priceless to me. I have one written recipe from my mother, otherwise, it's all in my mind (or actually, my heart). You are so right that measurments will mess up the dish...they make it too...normal...too sanitary...too perfect. Love IS the key! Thanks for posting this!

  2. Uh...sorry...I meant that my mom was "BORN" and raised in the south!

  3. Love your post, Julie!! I am really enjoying your blog!

  4. Thanks for the post, Julie, that took me back to your kitchen on Vaughn's Gap. you guys were always cooking something, snapping green beans mostly. Also I remember your dad telling me I was weird, but there was no judgment, your Mom and Dad were nice to me even though I was kind of weird! kathy o