Saturday, May 29, 2010


Today we read about Jesus entering the temple area and being confronted by the scribes and elders about His authority. After asking them a question in return, they discuss and come back to Jesus with no answer. But, we hear them say that they cannot answer out of fear; fear of believing in Jesus and fear of the crowds. They cannot handle the truth. They know His authority comes from Heaven and yet they cannot handle the truth because they fear truth.
Today is the Feast Day of St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, a woman who despite the signs of the times, despite opposition and with no fear for the truth founded the Society of the Sacred Heart and her congregations opened over 100 schools all over Europe and into North America. She began by offering education to the poor and to those suppressed, especially girls, during the French Revolution. She moved with vigor and grace to offer opportunities to truth. She could have easily been a quiet sister and teacher but when asked to do more, she accepted.
Today, Jesus teaches us about truth. Through His own witness as a man and through the witness of the Saints He teaches us that truth has no fear. Can I handle the truth? Can I swallow fear and witness to truth? Really witness? Not just through words by through action? Lord give me the grace to handle the truth and the strength to say yes to the opportunities You place before me each day.


  1. Julie,
    Thanks so much for popping by! Your prayer book looks beautiful!

  2. Strength, indeed! Sometimes those opportunities can be real challenges!