Saturday, May 1, 2010

St. Joseph the Worker

Yesterday I participated in this exercise on another blog (All in a Day's Thought) that asked, "If you could have anything printed on the side of your car to say something about you, what would you have printed?" This was a very thought provoking question. I came up with "Under Construction" because that's exactly how I see myself in my spiritual life, in my writing, in the bookstore, with my children and in my relationships. Now granted, I didn't invent the idea. I believe my dad coined the phrase "Christian Under Construction" some years ago when the Cursillo first began in Nashville and he was giving witness talks. He worked in the Construction business so... One more Hand-Me-Down for the books but the point here is that today being the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker brings to mind the importance and the dignity of Work, of being a carpenter, like the beginnings of the men who have worked with my father. These men work from early morning through the day to build the forms for foundations to be poured and if anything goes wrong, they tear it out and rebuild because without a solid foundation, the structure itself is worthless. I know there are fiberglass forms for many things these days but I've watched these carpenters use plain wood and nails and create structures with pure hard work and determination. Ahhh, the old fashion foundations. The same foundations we work to build our families on. The same foundations we hope to build our businesses and our relationships on. The same foundations we pray to build our spiritual lives on. The pure, diligent work of our hands exemplified by a simple carpenter, handed down to his Son and celebrated today. As I remain "Under Construction" I pray for those foundations I'm working with and hope that I have the humility to tear out and start over where there are flaws. Like St. Joseph, like my dad, may we all work together to build solid foundations and to build up the City of God.

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