Thursday, May 6, 2010

Peace Amidst the Storm

Tonight I went with two of my daughters to the St. Cecilia Motherhouse for an evening of prayer and a little history. Being taught by these amazing ladies brings to mind many questions for our young children as well as us parents. I love to be invited into their home. Truth is, I have longevity with these sisters because my grandmother, my mother, my sisters, my children and I have all been taught by them. Fully habited, these sisters follow the basic rule of St. Dominic. "St. Dominic was a man of deep prayer, out of which was born the zealous active life of preaching that consumed his days." And, although St. Cecilia was not a Dominican, she is their patron; "the choice of St. Cecilia was a natural one, as our sisters were invited to Nashville in 1860 to establish an academy for girls that would place an emphasis on music and the arts." The young sister explained to us that they go out to preach and teach each morning and they return to a monastic way of life each night. She explained many parts of their life in the convent from the way their new names are chosen to their daily schedule and rituals. We all joined the sisters for evening prayer in their beautiful chapel, the center of their convent. I personally needed this time with a small part of our school community. I needed this time to listen in prayer and to contemplate the lives of those who could not come this night due to the recent flooding in Nashville. Sitting in that chapel as the sisters prayed back and forth from one side of stalls across the aisle to the others, I was engulfed in the peace of Jesus Christ. Their movements, their complete full waist bows during any mention of the Trinity, the sprinkling of holy water and the candle lit procession to the Tabernacle occur every evening in their convents throughout the U.S. and now in Australia. Together with priests and sisters and brothers and many lay people throughout the world they pray the Liturgy of the Hours. They pray for us, for the world, for the victims of the flood. In this small monastic-like place, this group of Dominican Sisters make a difference. For me, it was pure peace amidst the storm.


  1. Beautiful. Julie at some point when things settle I would love to read a guest blog on YIM about your experiences with the flood. Something like this post?

  2. Lovely post, thank you for sharing.. Blessings!!