Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mind Your Own Business

Today we have John telling the story where Peter asks Jesus about John. Peter knows John is the youngest and highly favored but let's face it, Jesus probably treated them all equally. These guys were just jealous of one another. John leaning all over Jesus as a big brother or father figure and the other Apostles thinking hmmm Jesus is babying John. Come on fellows. He's Jesus. We're all his children. We're all equal in his eyes. And Jesus point blank tells Peter to mind his own business, to worry about himself.
What family doesn't experience this Gospel story? How many times I've found myself saying, "What concern is it of yours?" "Mind your own business." "You worry about you and let your sister worry about herself." I don't know about the rest of you, but my children are always worried about equal time, equal love, equal attention. And I shouldn't say always because most days it never comes to the surface but occasionally. I do make an effort to keep everything even. And I have to say, the only way I have found that it all works out is when God is in the mix. When He is among us, all is well. Children mind their own business, jealousy is not mentioned, Christianity rules and love reigns. But, when evil peaks its little head, all hell can break lose. So, my job is to keep Christ among us and help everyone to mind their own business. Wouldn't that be a great message for the whole world? Follow Christ and mind your own business.

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  1. Julie, I think the way you are writing, I can just HEAR you saying
    these things....Great!