Friday, May 21, 2010

Feed my Lambs, Tend my Sheep

Well as odd as it may seem, my meditation today has been on sheep. After my morning reading, I looked up a little about sheep on the internet and this is what I found. I AM ONE. I couldn't believe the comparison. Hahaha. "Sheep have poor depth perception; shadows and dips in the ground may cause sheep to balk." Well, since I've had to use these crazy reading glasses and I often am to lazy to take them off as I venture around the store, I too have experienced a problem with depth perception and the occasional balk. "In general, sheep have a tendency to move out of the dark and into well-lit areas. In addition to the need for food, water, exercise, and shelter, they have good hearing." I do love the light. Helps me not use my reading glasses as much and just the pure warmth of light makes me happy. Food, water exercise and shelter are all I really need and ask my children, I have great hearing.
This all brings me to my huge comfort zone with Peter being called to feed me, to feed my little ones and to tend to our needs. And, guided by the Holy Spirit, the chair of Peter is occupied by another of whom I am comfortable. As Catholics, we are asked to follow our Shepherd and he in turn is asked to feed and to tend. Today I am grateful that Peter and all who have followed have answered "yes" to the role of Shepherd of the Church. I personally am happy to be a little sheep, stumbling around, balking occasionally, basking in the light, being fed and hearing it all loud and clear.

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