Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Father, they are your gift to me."

Just back in from Chicago. My husband and I work with other Church Goods Companies each year around this time to put together our large catalog. Companies come from all over the U.S., Europe and Canada to show us new products. It is a very tiring week and I left my poor husband there to finish the job.
But, on to the point of this post. I arrived at our bookstore a little before 4PM thinking I'd grab the night deposits and check on everything that had gone on over the 3 days I was out of town. All was well. I knew my girls had watched over the little things around the place making sure there were enough workers for the day. Same at the house. They got the kids ready for school each day, drove the high school boy when needed, helped with homework and made dinner. But, I have to say, they have a way of making me so proud. My friend's father died of cancer on Monday. The previous week my son and my husband had cleaned his gutters and his yard so he could enjoy his home as he spent his last days on his back porch which quickly changed to a hospital bed. I asked the girls before I left if they would mind going to the funeral if I was not back in time and both said no problem. As the inevitable unfolded, my girls not only showed up, but helped. They picked up the memorial cards for the visitation, attended the funeral and one of them was even an Eucharistic minister. They managed to pick up the high school boy, relieve for lunch at the bookstore, help finish homework and have a nice dinner waiting when I got home. Our children can make us so proud can't they? They naturally handled everything. Anytime I checked with them, they both responded, "It's all good." I hope, I hope I am grateful enough for these gifts that my Father has given me. As I read this week about Paul moving on and having faith that all he had preached and taught would continue through the disciples I thought about our children. I thought about the importance of filling them up at home with all the right "stuff" so the world will not, can not tear them apart or need not correct them. My children know that I am extremely tough on them for their own good; so the world won't have to be. "Father, they are your gift to me" and I could not be more grateful or more proud.