Tuesday, May 11, 2010

College Girls Home

I love having all my ducks in the pond. I have to admit. This past weekend amidst the craziness of Nashville, my second college daughter moved back home for the summer. With her came all her stuff on top of the other college daughter's stuff because we had yet to organize. Busy with the needs of those who have suffered from the storm, I failed to make room for my own children. Hmmm. Today is my day off and I am trying my best not to just bark orders about what I need them to help me do. I'm trying to make space for their returns both with their stuff and with their beings. So many times I catch myself working for others and dragging my kids to work for others and I slack on my job right in my own home. And, they understand. They let it ride. They comment to one another about my fits of needed help and yet they step up and do what needs done. Again, hmmm. I finally got a good night sleep and my mind is clear and I know that God wants me to begin right here at home so we can all have the love and the energy to go out and spread His love. No one can do His work if they feel miserable. No one can spread His love if they lack love themselves. No one can give time if they don't have time. Today, I start my summer with all my ducks and I work to clear the pond of all the mud and the muck so more feel welcome and all play nicely.


  1. Yes, civilization begins in the home. Quack Quack!

  2. I love all your ducks......and the Mamma and Daddy Duck,too !