Friday, May 28, 2010


Today, we see Jesus in a state of anger. He's hungry and the fig tree has no fruit so He curses it and it withers. He enters His Father's house and the money changers are buying and selling and He turns the tables up and makes them leave. He's got a lot going on in His life and He knows He's going to be put to death and in His human state He's angry with the way His day is going. Sounds a little like me and some others I know with a lot on our plates.
When we were growing up my mother had this small wooden plaque outside her kitchen door on the way down to the basement to which we all paid close attention. Eight little dogs, maybe just 6 at the time, hung on hooks with a large doghouse at one end. When we entered the back kitchen door, we knew whether or not mom was angry and who she was angry with and we braced ourselves for "a good talkin' to" or time in the "yellow chair" or a day in our room. Many times my dog could be found inside that dog house. My friend paid close attention and I heard more than once, "Gosh Julie. What did ya do this time?" Made me so mad. It's funny but now that the tables are turned (pun for the day), I totally understand my mom's frustration trying to raise eight children and part of our neighborhood and keep us busy and cook 2 or 3 meals a day and sit us all together at the table and sew our clothes and straighten the house and shop and provide more with less and still have time for herself and my dad and her friends. I'd say I regret all the difficulty I caused as a child but it's made for such great stories now that we've grown. I was constantly where I was not supposed to be and constantly late and constantly saying the wrong things to the wrong people. I slipped a curse word at a neighbor, crossed the railroad tracks to buy candy at the Hick Store, sneaked into the swimming pool after hours, etc. etc. Mom was angry. There was an old song she played over and over around Christmas time, "I'm gettin nuttin for Christmas, mommy and daddy are mad. I'm gettin nuttin for Christmas cause I ain't been nuttin but bad." That was me. Hangin in the doghouse. Most days my mom could probably of withered a fig tree and turned up the tables but instead, she just moved my little wood dog on down into his house.
I guess what I'm trying to pass on is that anger is a human trait. We all feel it at one time or another and we need to let in out in ways that won't hurt others. Take it out on some thing and not some one. A lesson today I need to hear loud and clear.


  1. What a timely post for me today! As I'm dealing with anger about yet another failed cycle of trying to get just makes my day miserable (and everyone around me as well!) :( Thanks for posting this! I needed to hear it for sure!

  2. I'm just surprised that none of those doggies got lost!

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