Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Weeping? Me?

"Woman, why are you weeping?"
I'm known to be somewhat of a tough chick. As a matter a fact, most people for some reason think I have no feelings at all. But, I do. I have always covered up most of what I'm feeling with a joke or two or three. So, this morning when Jesus asked me why I was weeping, I immediately responded, "I'm not weeping. What makes you think I'm weeping?" And in response, I can hear Him say, "Hey. It's okay. It's me. I know your heart. I know you have feelings. I know you are terribly worried about your husband's best friend lying in the hospital and what is going to happen when he wakes up and finds out what condition he's in. I know you're worried about his son. I see you tear up when you give Communion to your family members. I know it all and it's all okay. But as you weep, know that I am present. I am with Wilson and I am with William and Allen and your children. All will be well because of my dying and my rising from the dead. All will be well." And you know, "I believe."

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