Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Walk to Emmaus

This morning I find myself walking the road with Jesus and as He is explaining all the parts of Scripture that is pertinent to His life and my understanding of the recent events, I am distracted by the dirt from the road getting inside my sandals. Suddenly a pebble gets between my toes and I'm stopping and trying to get it out, then walking quickly to catch up and stopping again. I am constantly distracted. I am walking with this man and trying to listen to his incredible story and the dirt and the rocks are keeping me from hearing all he has to say. But, I do keep following and trying to listen. The guys walking with us have invited him for dinner so I go along too despite the fact that I have nine million other things I should be doing. As we sit together, he breaks a piece of bread and hands it to me and in that moment, I realize that He is Jesus, the Christ, the One who has come to save us.
We are a very fortunate people who have the opportunity to receive Jesus every single day of our lives. I stay so darn distracted and feel like I have nine million things to do and yet, He is there, waiting for me to take the opportunity. He knows about the dirt and the pebbles and yet, He waits for me. He continues the story and He persists in the teachings and He walks the long road with me every single day. And me, I'm just constantly trying to catch up.

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