Sunday, April 11, 2010

Signs and Wonders

Well, obviously I love and need signs and wonders from our God. I know, I know, blessed our those who have not seen and still believe. But, I can't help it. I not only love to recognize and seek signs but as the reading from Revelations today says I also enjoy writing them down, what I have seen, and what is happening, and what will happen afterwards. Just yesterday after writing about the "pull" from Our Lady to visit Guadalupe, I was working in the bookstore and a young girl, with six children, shared that her son was diagnosed with cancer and ever since, people have just given her all sorts of religious goodies. She showed me a medal with a relic in the back that a total stranger gave her from ... Guadalupe, along with a large medal of Our Lady. I had just shared my previous story with 2 of the employees and they too couldn't believe that this woman was speaking about Our Lady of Guadalupe. Signs and wonders. Sharing stories. Not screaming from the street corners "Look at me" but writing it down for all to know how truly wonderful God is to us. He knows we believe. He knows we'll stick with Him. But, He also knows that it's an awesome feeling when it pops us right in the head. Doubting Thomas? Sometimes. Grateful servant? Most the time. Believer in signs and wonders? All the time.

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  1. Well.....I took that Guadalupe display down this morning, but, I am
    going to do it BETTER in the morning!!!